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Can you smell rotten eggs?

The rotten egg smell is added to natural gas to help you detect gas leaks.
If you smell rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak. Gas is a flammable substance,
so it is important that you eliminate any ignition sources.
DO NOT smoke, operate any electric appliances, turn on or off any
light switches or use a mobile phone.

Here’s what you should do instead:

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The smell of rotten eggs as a potential gas leak.

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the area quickly and don’t use anything that might create a spark.

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 13 13 52 or report online.


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It pays to check your gas hot water system once or twice a year.

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If you smell rotten eggs, it could be a gas leak.

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For all gas faults and emergencies call ATCO on 13 13 52.

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Outdoor patio heaters should only be used outdoors, in a well ventilated space.

Poorly maintained gas appliances can emit carbon monoxide.

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Flue pipes should be checked regularly for damage.

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Using a gas stove or BBQ to heat your home can be dangerous.

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Check the thermostat on your hot water system. It could be costing you money.

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When used correctly, natural gas is a safe, cost effective and reliable energy source.

Never modify gas appliances. They should only be used as directed by the manufacturer.

Your gas heater needs cleaning – be sure to use the right product.

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If the flame on the burner of your gas appliance isn’t burning blue, it could need to be serviced.

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Air filters and fans need regular cleaning.

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Always Dial Before You Dig to find underground pipes.

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Know how to turn your gas meter on and off.

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When carbon monoxide is inhaled it can cause serious illness.

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Hoses and connections on portable appliances should be checked.

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If you detect a gas leak you should leave the area immediately.

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You need to know where your gas meter is located.

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Your oven and filters should be cleaned regularly.

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A good cook keeps their BBQ in tip top condition.

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Remove rust and corrosion-causing sediment from hot water tanks.

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